Indestructible RDA by Jaybo & Wismec


The Indestructible Atty by JayBo Designs follows its title, bringing together top quality materials, specially designed negative posts, specially designed airflow and top level manufacturing all at an incredible price!

Made in the USA

The Indestructible Atty by JayBo Designs is the evolution from the critically acclaimed TOBH Atty, with an emphasis on not only improving overall design, durability, and functionality, but also competitively pricing the Indestructible Atty to a whole new market. Airflow has been designed at a specific height in an effort to maximize the overall effectiveness with nearly every type of coil configuration, with dual 3mm holes on each side, for a consistent and smooth vaping experience. A single airhole option is also integrated for single coil builds. The airflow couples with the tapered negative post edges, and with appropriate builds, can be used in conjunction to adjust airflow accordingly. Renowned for bringing three part RDA's to a completely new level, the Indestructible Atty continues this line, with a small recess at the top cap allowing for easy removal and adjustment, with a sloped inner top cap for effective vapor delivery. The Negative posts feature a cutaway, flat bottom that allows extremely secure seating on the internal post shelf, greatly increasing wire contact and security while also allowing for a myriad of build configurations. Handmade SS screws are pitched specifically for the positive and negative posts, with the positive screw tapered for maximum shelf contact. The deck also features deepened juice well recess measuring out at approximately 6mm. Manufactured out of 303 Stainless Steel, the Indestructible Atty follows its title, utilizing PEEK insulators rated at an operating temperature of 480 degrees Fahrenheit, Buna-N o-rings, pure C101 Copper for the contact screw for maximum conductivity, and a non fully hollow positive post. Stylish, functional and built to last, the Indestructible Atty by JayBo Designs is one of the premier RDAs on the market!

Product Features:
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Dual 3mm Airholes (6mm Each Side)
  • Single 3mm Airhole for Single Coil Builds
  • Three Part Design
    • Recess at Top Cap for Easy Removal
  • Sloped Inner Cap for Effective Vapor Delivery
  • Cutaway, Flat Bottom Deckmilled Negative Posts
  • Non-Fully Hollow Center Post
  • Handmade SS Screws
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • PEEK Insulator
  • C101 Copper Contact
  • Buna-N O-Ring
  • JayBo Engraving