UD Wire Box


UD Wire Box with Six Roll Wires, is well designed for vapors, with 6 kinds of wires. That is to say, six dreams come true with one box. 



Contains 6 separate spools of wire

Coil Material:

1. Black coil roll: DIY Kanthal A1 Wire (26GA)

2. Black coil roll: DIY Kanthal A1 Wire (28GA*3)

3. Black coil roll: DIY Kanthal A1 Wire (26GA +32GA)

4. Prasinous coil roll: DIY SS316L Wire (26GA )

5. Dark blue coil roll: DIY Ni200 Wire (26GA)

6. Cerulean coil roll: DIY Nichrome Wire (26GA)

Just pull the wires out, box can be cycle use